Friday, November 26, 2010

In which our hero shows off some painted Khurasan Federals

A little more eye candy by way of a squad of infantry for my Commonwealth faction, determined, professional forces drawn from throughout from the human colonies.

The Khurasan Federals definitely painted up well. The slight casting irregularities blended out with purposeful brushwork and the great poses, excellent proportions, and overall design really pops once the paint gets on. 

They were a reasonably quick unit to finish. I basecoated the figures with a light green, then added tan to the armor plates and a medium brown on the boots, backpacks, and ammo pouches. Next I did a thin sepia brown wash over everything. Once it dried I touched up the raised areas of the green jumpsuits with the original base color. The armor plates were blended up from the base to almost white highlights, and the bags and pouches were fine as they were. 

The weapons wound up being shaded up to silver, which is pretty unrealistic, but when they were flat charcoal or dark metallic they just didn't have any detail or definition at range, they really only took on any detail when picked out in bright silver. This is a pretty normal concession to make at 15mm, though, trading a bit of gritty realism for high contrast aestheticism.

Basing was about as simple as possible, I puttied them early on, then painted them brown and glued some brown sand to the base. I'm not even going to bother painting the ground cover on these, the lightly mottled sand works just fine as is. I may add a few small tufts of green flock here and there, but the results are fine and you can't argue with the effort required.

I am pretty pleased with the outcome. They're nice minis with pretty effective table-view paint schemes. Now I just need to paint another couple of dozen and I'll be ready to go. 

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