Monday, November 22, 2010

In which our hero shows off a Grav Sled IFV

So, this is what I made of that GZG grav sled ICV.

I figure most planets in my setting are either hot rockballs or cold rockballs, so a desert scheme should serve well. Besides, I am saving green for my Neo-Sovs. 

Technique-wise, it's pretty basic stuff. Over a light tan basecoat I ran a thinned line of several different complimentary darker shades along the edges of detail pieces, randomly Using each different color on different Seams, joints, and crevasses so that the shading was irregular. Then I reapplied the base color to large surfaces, and after that blended lighter highlights on the more prominent parts. 

The irregular deep shading gives a nice wear pattern, a little rust, a little mud, a little shadow. Very simple and uncomplicated. I don't want every faction in my collection to have a patterned camouflage on their vehicles, so even though it might look pretty good with a light green secondary color, and I can even see doing some vehicles in this faction that way, I am happy with this simple beginning.

I ultimately decided against a peg-type basing arrangement, but I still wanted to imply some elevation. What I settled on was gluing a wooden figure base (a nice Litko piece, I believe it is FoW small sized) which just barely fits under the skids. This base adds height without needing to be scenic or revealing that the grav pads are not actually suspended above the play surface. Adding a magnetic sheet to the bottom also keeps it from rolling around my storage box as well. All in all, a nice compromise solution.

I am definitely a big fan of this model and the whole GSG grav sled line. It's a look I like and the weighty all-metal models really stand out when playing games with them. 

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