Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In which our hero finally paints that thrower

In the spirit of revisiting venerable old teams, I have decided that my next Blood Bowl project will not be the Gaspez Arts Frogs after all, but rather I will go and paint the handful of figures needed to finish out the full compliment of a couple of effectively, but not literally finished teams. To that end, I needed to sit down and paint two elves and a Khemri tomb guard.

First up, the elves.

My elf team goes way back. Sure they were cast and purchased in the early nineties, but they weren't painted until around '96 or so. I had fallen out of love with elves for the most part in the misery of second edition, and when I did feel like playing them, I had a dark elf squad. (Sadly, those delfs, along with my humans were sold off, a tragedy I will never quite recover from, or not, but definitely one of the two.)

Still, I bought the 2e elfs to satisfy my hoarding impulse when the 2e stuff was becoming hard to find, and didn't  get around to painting them for a while. Luckily for the elves, I learned how to paint before I got to them.

Even then, it was fits and starts. I painted the first four or five fifteen years ago, but it would not be until five or six years later that I got the count up to a dozen, the team falling victim to the years when I set aside gaming for whatever the hell that was.

I ultimately had 13 minis done, but was still left needing to add a lineman in addition to the never-present thrower as the current roster limits in the version of the game as I play it left me with an extraneous catcher.

All that said, I did finally paint that thrower, and the lineman too, and even if I never really need them, I have them, and my wood elf team is finally fully done.

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