Friday, February 18, 2011

In which our hero enjoys a palate cleanser

I've been spending almost all of my painting time doing the 15mm Sci Fi stuff lately, so I needed a quick change of pace to keep it interesting. As is usually the case, this meant a return to Bloodbowl figures, and with my last efforts in this realm having wrapped up a couple of teams, it was time to start a new one from scratch.

It took a bit of perseverating to decide which squad to hop to next. I have metal for every team in the GRF's long list of rosters, and a whole lot of it is unpainted. I recently picked up the Gaspez Arts frogman and chaos human squads, as well as Impact's Sarcos team, all of which I am looking forward to painting, but in the end, what I chose to paint was a squad that I have had lingering around the top of my to-do list for ages, the vampires.

Here then is the first go at Ashen Villa, the most melodramatic vampire squad that ever vamped.

I do think I need to put a moratorium on red/grey team strips after this one before it gets out of hand.

Vampires in Bloodbowl have long been a bit of a mess. The earliest incarnations were just star players, so they were easily overlooked, but with 4e, Jervis tossed us a real howler of a roster with some fun ideas but  terrible balance. While the roster wasn't much to write home about, its presence prompted Fanatic to commission a set of figures for it, and the world is better for them.

From the first time I saw them, Steve Buddle's thrall sculpts had a place in my heart. They are excellent fantasy footballers and really clever designs that hit the mark dead-on. While his vampires were also sharp, they always felt a little bit too small for my tastes, and I actually sort of like the Count Drakenborg 3e Star Player mini. He looks nothing like a footballer and is in a standyaroundy pose, but the guy has some personality anyway, maybe I just dig the cape. Anyway, I pretty much decided from the start to use the old vampires with the new thralls, the combination goes together well and really has a pulp vampire vibe. These guys don't sparkle, but they may be acted by Ed Wood's chiropractor, though.

Three players hardly scratches the surface, but immortal beings can be patient.

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