Saturday, January 22, 2011

In which our hero gives a progress report

It's been pretty busy of late, but I am still squeezing in a little time here and there for the aforementioned hobbies. Mostly I have been getting to do little bits of paint here and there. It's rarely a lot of progress on any given night, but added up over weeks, it becomes something.

I am presently about two-thirds of the way through painting my first two hundred-point ASQL forces. Here is the Commonwealth Expeditionary Force (Human Imperial), with Khurasan Federal army infantry and Ground Zero grav-sled IFV's.

and here are the "Worms" (Alien Strike Force), with Critical Mass Games' Astagar mercs and Topgun grav APC's.

Each needs another vehicle and six more infantry to finish the initial build, my short-term goal being to finish the 100-point ASQL rosters for the half dozen or so armies I have already invested in models for. While I have bought entirely more miniatures than will be needed for these armies, it is still a realistic objective that'll give me playable forces and lots of variety before going off and trying to gear up for Ogre-scale forces with dozen of vehicles. These 100-point groups will also be well and over anything I would need for any skirmish-level gaming as well.

I have also taken a first stab at getting some scenery sorted, with a trio of small cover pieces.

The middle one, clearly, is finished and the other two are in need of paint. I am Trying to do most of my terrain as 2-inch squares. This will let me use them with both a 4-inch hex mat and a 2-inch skirmish setup. On the big battle mat the hexes will have a single terrain type, with a few small pieces indicating which, but still allowing for reshuffling to fit models. On a 2-inch skirmish board, they will fill the hex, so I need to keep space open for figures to sit in, etc. I can make some that are 2x4, or 2x8, but this will work in either case.

I need to make a lot more. And some trees, hills, rocks, etc. Oy.

I do seem to have some issues with the autofocus on my camera - in combination with the macro it doesn't do a good job of getting the full field in focus. I will have to figure this out. Still doing better than the iPhone camera was giving me anyway.

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