Saturday, December 4, 2010

In which our hero shows some skin

I thought it would be nice to take a little break from obsessively reporting on my 15mm mobilizations, so here's another fantasy football team - my Valkyries.

When I say "my Valkyries" I really do mean mine - as in minis I sculpted in addition to having done the brushwork.

What ever must you think of me now?

Yes, they're immature and basal and pantsless, but they are also cynical.

I kept Phigs going for the better part of four years, and in that time, these ladies were far and away the only release that ever caught on. I'd like to think they were cleverly designed, expertly sculpted, and delivered a much needed new team concept to the fantasy football community.

But no, they're just half-naked chicks in metal thongs.

But then, I knew that at the time. I wanted to try to sculpt something that would actually stand a chance of paying for itself after losing so much on my first few releases. And it worked. I broke even. Huzzah.

I never claimed to have high expectations.

The point of Phigs was never really much more than crowd-sourcing the expense of getting minis I wanted to play with cast. When I lost sight of that and tried for things that might be commercially poignant, the Black Widows and the Multi-part Humans, the whole house of cards fell down as I lost interest and money in large portions. Turns out I really didn't know what people were willing to buy, and I really didn't want to sculpt things I wasn't interested in. I guess I just got lucky with the bare-assed nordic chicks.

So to speak.

Yes, despite their pandering to the lowest common denominator, I do like the minis myself, so you can toss my name into the childish bucket, but they really are good fantasy football minis.

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